Friday, January 15, 2010


The world saw the longest Annular solar eclipse and won't see it for another 1,000 years. The moon covers sun incompletely making sun look like a ring and thereby plunging the world in a semi darkness state for a brief period. The semi darkness state lasted for 10 mins. Devout people did not eat, prayed like crazy and generally did everything to ward off evil spirits who come out during the eclipse. The eclipse lasted only 10 minutes and the sun came out in full glory but the people of this world are still living in the dark thinking a solar eclipse to be an evil event and dangerous to health contrary to the reality which is quite simple. Wish with the next eclipse the shadow of darkness over these devoted people minds is also lifted and they see such phenomenon as scientific rather than religious.
Time to come out of the shadows of superstitions. Time for the eclipse to lift.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


If you don't act foolish when you are young, you won't have anything to smile about when you are old.
Do something you think you might end up regretting in future. What do you achieve? Experience and lots of fun while doing it.
Once in a while, do something risque'. You might get surprised by the outcome.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm back

I am hungry, to write more and it's a new year. So promise to write more often than the last few months. Promise to take up issues as innane as possible. Promise to write more random abstract stuff than imaginable and try to make sense out them. But most importantly, promise to write more.
All you faithful readers, wish you a very happy 2010. The world acording to Mayans is going to end in 2012 so my suggestion is to live it up. Throw caution to winds, make every day count, forget the past and make sure that each day u do something crazy to make the next three years fruitful, fun and happy.
And if 2012 turns out like Y2K, a damp squib, then count your blessings and enjoy your life that much more.
Revel in 2010, relish the joys and pleasures of life, drink in the moments and have a blast.