Friday, October 30, 2009

Born to win

Born to win is a concept which talks about how human beings are born to win. They start early, at the conception stage. Only one out of the supposedly 20 million fertilize and becomes a person. So you win amongst 20 million to be what you are. The theory says that you are constantly playing a game and always winning. Winning is immaterial as you will win no matter what. The important aspect is which game are you playing? Once you recognize that you will start playing games which you really should be and remember, winning is a given. Now, that is confusing enough, let's look at one example to make things simpler.

If you are running a race and you come second, then the game you are playing is the "reasons" why I didn't come first game and you are winning the game with your reasoning ability. You will have a million reasons, like wind factor, slow start etc etc and you will win this game as you have successfully come up with reasons.

Same holds good for anything you do. If you recognize the game you are playing, you will become a successful person as you will now choose the right games to play. Remember, winning is a given.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quote of the day

When I was young I used to think that money was the most important thing in life. Now that I am old, I know it is - Oscar Wilde

Bride dumps groom during wedding

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AMBALA: The new-age Indian woman has arrived. A bride from Ambala Cantt on Monday walked out on her groom the moment she set eyes on him after the

jai mala (garlanding) ceremony, as if, in instant realisation that he wasn’t the man of her dreams. No amount of ranting and raving by the boy and his family or police intervention could bring about a change of heart. “We tried a lot to persuade Reena but she just wouldn’t listen. She said she didn’t want to marry Dharamvir Singh because she didn’t like him. There was no way we could have forced our will on her,” said the bride’s father, Ramkishan.

The link to the news item is below:

Now what could be the reason for her dumping the boy after the garlanding ceremony. Perhaps "Guitar ya Violin nahi baje"
Go women power.......

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wacky happenings around the world

Check the link.

Love the first one. Move over silicone, here comes the Knight.
Now this is what you call a knight in shining armor or a white knight to the rescue.
Alternatively, he can hypnotise men to believe they are bigger.

Do your bit and make it large

The link to the blog is below which lists the things which are simple enough and can be done by individuals and do not require advance degree in Physics.

Thanks Malini Chechi for the post. I am doing my bit by putting your link and saving on some space thereby reducing emissions.
Readers - do your bit and make it large.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Black Swan Event

I believe that the current recession is a black swan event. The theory propagated by Taleb states that black swan events are events which happen once in a lifetime and have an impact which is forever. I believe that this recession is exactly that. This not only has brought more focus on the importance of having adequate risk measures in place, but also integrated and united the world on having regulations to prevent a few people taking advantage of the system at the cost of the larger population. The bright side is that the growth pace will be faster now that the recession is bottoming out but the growth will be in a regulated framework so chances of things slipping out will reduce. The next phase of growth has begun and any one who is interested in making it big should make their move now as the world is at an inflection point ready to prance into the growth trajectory.