Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Conspiracy theories

How can I stay away from writing mine. How many such opportunities does one get in a lifetime.

So here goes mine:

1. What if Osama was long dead. US just decides to carry out this operation, kill some random Afghani and then proclaim that he was killed by US.
2. What if Osama died a natural death. Pakistan must have given him shelter so knew when he died. They then contacted US to tell them that they can pay some money in aids and claim Osama's killing. He any way carried a $50 million prize money. For Obama it was a god send opportunity to improve his rating and chances for another shot at presidency.
3. What if he really was killed by US. India can carry out a similar operation for Mr. Ibrahim.
What do you think really happened? What if he never died and just left the building :-)

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